制作和提交申请有时候是一个令人困惑的过程,有些人可能会觉得有点不知所措. 没有必要担心申请过程,因为它通常非常简单,沙巴体育官方网站入口手头有一些信息可以提供帮助和建议.

Personal Statements

你的个人陈述是你的申请中非常重要的一部分,它可能会让你从其他申请人中脱颖而出. 当你的申请被考虑时,招生单元和招生导师会仔细阅读你的个人陈述. It is your opportunity to sell yourself and could make the difference between you being accepted or rejected.  

Clear and well written - 你的个人陈述应该清晰, well written, well-structured, 良好的英语能力. It should be organised into paragraphs with an introduction, middle, and end. 不要使用要点或非正式语言. 

你应该把你的个人陈述 的重点放在你申请的课程上,它应该支持你学习你选择的课程的愿望. 

You should explain your reasons for applying for your chosen course – why would this course suit you? 你对这门课程有什么兴趣? 你应该表现出对课程的热情和投入. 


Highlight what you have done to develop knowledge of your chosen area of study  - You should detail any jobs, placements, 工作经验(有薪或无薪), 或者你在你选择学习的领域中为了发展你的兴趣/知识而进行的活动. 这应该包括体验/活动的性质, 你 的总部在哪里,你在那里呆了多长时间. You should also state when this experience took place as some courses only consider recent experience. 

当你考虑你所申请的课程时,确定你所拥有的或已经开发的能在课程中帮助你的个人品质是很重要的.  当你申请的课程需要申请者的特殊价值观时(教学),这一点尤为重要, nursing, social work, paramedic science, etc).  你应该确保在你的个人陈述中确定你的个人品质和可转移的技能. 

You should show you have general knowledge and insight about the subject area you will be studying. 你现在的知识将如何帮助你? 你为学习做了什么准备? 

表明你认真考虑过你的学习选择 - We would be interested to know how the course relates to your future plans. 你不需要有一个明确的职业规划, just an understanding of the future prospects the subject may lead to. If you are not sure then you can explore career options by degree subject at www.prospects.ac.英国/职业咨询/ what-can-i-do-with-my-degree. 

如欲查询更多资料,请浏览: www.ucas.com/personalstatement 

一旦你提交了你的个人陈述,沙巴体育官方网站入口将不接受修改版本,除非你申请一个替代课程 UCAS Extra, UCAS Clearing , or by contacting the University directly if you have already been offered a place. If this is the case then you need to email a new personal statement to admissions@onereachsystem.com 确保你包括你的学生号码. 

Your personal statement should be your own work and individual to you. 所有的个人陈述都将由招生办仔细阅读,如果发现你的个人陈述与其他申请人的相似之处, 你的申请可能会被拒绝. 

大学入学申请办事处还会检查个人陈述,并识别那些来自其他来源的工作内容高的个人陈述, material from the internet, etc.). 如果你的个人陈述以这种方式被确认,UCAS会通知你,他们也会通知沙巴投注官网. 

If this is the case, the school or institute that you have applied to will be asked to consider your application in detail. 您可能希望告知沙巴体育官方网站入口导致您的个人陈述被以这种方式识别的情况. You should do this by logging a Helpdesk call on the Applicant Helpdesk in e:Vision. 

If you are applying from overseas, your personal statement must include the following - 

  • Your Name 
  • 你申请的课程 
  • 选择去英国留学的原因 
  • 选择沙巴投注官网学习的原因 
  • 选择这门课程的原因


If you have previously completed studies at the same / higher level as the course you have applied for, 你的个人陈述必须清楚地概述你为什么希望学习你的课程,以及它将如何与你以前的资格证书相关并增加你的资格, or how the two qualifications combined will support your career aspirations. 



The referee’s report is an integral and important part of the selection process, and the information given will help guide Admissions Staff in making their decisions.

学术推荐信应该由你最近的 教育机构的现任或前任导师提供. 

An employer's reference should be provided by your line manager at your current or previous place of work. 

A school reference should be provided by your personal tutor or Head of Year at your school. 

Please note: 朋友和亲戚写的推荐信将不被接受. 

References should be written on letterheaded paper and should clearly state:

  • The applicants' name, choice of course, and student number.
  • The referee's name, occupation, and 与申请人的关系. 


如果你在 上发布了一篇关于招生办的参考文章 must be on letter-headed paper. 


  • 您是否适合 您 申请的课程 
  • 知识素质包括: 
  • 到目前为止的发展和以前的考试表现,特别提到任何你认为可能会对结果产生不利影响的因素 
  • present performance 
  • potential, including an assessment of the probable results of any pending examinations 
  • Personal qualities, such as motivation, communication skills, powers of analysis, and independent thought 
  • Career aspirations 
  • 与申请有关的健康和其他个人情况 
  • 体育、社交和其他兴趣爱好 

请记住,根据数据保护法, the applicant can request a copy of the reference and any other personal information that we hold about them. 

If the application form, including the reference, has any information missing or has any false or misleading information, the University has the right to cancel the application and withdraw any offers.


If an applicant has identified you as their referee on their online application form, you will receive an email from the Admissions Unit asking you to upload a reference to their application. 

您可以通过沙巴体育官方网站入口的电子邮件链接填写参考资料. 电子邮件将给你一个直接的应用程序链接,在那里你可以找到你的电脑上的文件并上传它. 

Email - admissions@onereachsystem.com 

Submitting an Application

Apply through UCAS for all full-time or sandwich undergraduate degree and diploma programmes.

  • When? as a general guide, applications should be made to UCAS between September and mid-January. Check with UCAS 具体日期和截止日期.
  • We are happy to consider late applications between mid-January and the end of June (prior to clearing), 前提是你选的课程有名额. 在此之后收到的表格将保留以便结算.
  • How? apply online via UCAS - Apply
  • Where? 如果你不能方便地上网,你可以使用 UK Online Centre

If you wish to apply to us for direct entry into the second or final year of a programme, 你需要通过大学入学申请办事处申请.

只需在表格上注明您的首选入境地点, 并且包括尽可能多的关于你所拥有的资格的信息,这些资格可能会使你在课程的早期阶段获得豁免.

Please send a copy of the transcript (not the original) direct to the University, 引用你的大学入学申请办事处的参考资料, and including a covering letter indicating which course you are applying for.

Transferring course

如果你要换大学或学习课程, 联系当地政府,通知他们任何变化. Be aware that if you have previous studies that this can affect student finance.

You can apply directly to the University for most Postgraduate courses* and all Part-time courses.

只需通过沙巴体育官方网站入口的网站找到您希望申请的课程 course finder 点击链接“直接申请”.


  • 中小学教育研究生教师培训 (PGCE)申请通过 GOV.UK
  • MA Social Work applications made through UCAS
  • LLM Legal Practice and LLM Law Conversion applications made through LAWCABS

国际(非欧盟)学生可以通过沙巴体育官方网站入口的网站或沙巴体育官方网站入口的区域经理和合同教育顾问(CEA)网络直接向沙巴体育官方网站入口申请。, based across the world.

Visit our International web pages to find out more about how to apply.

要作为新用户申请,你必须创建一个新帐户. Your personal details will be required as well as a vaild e-mail address to register.


To apply as an existing student, you can log in using your e:Vision login details. 如果您忘记了密码, request a new one by following the link as shown above and following the on-screen instructions. A new password will be sent to the email that you used to register with the university.

您现在可以使用 Course Finder 然后开始你的申请.

UCAS Applications

If you are applying via UCAS,你需要参考他们设定的截止日期. Make sure you give yourself enough time to fill out your application and send it to us in plenty of time. See the key dates for UCAS

沙巴体育官方网站入口欢迎逾期申请, 但请记住,迟来的申请只会被考虑到仍然有名额的课程-没有保证.

Direct Applications

直接申请可以在课程开始前的任何时间提出,但沙巴体育官方网站入口需要足够的时间来处理, 获得相关资格证书的复印件, 并告知你结果和接下来的步骤.

You may find the following tips and useful information beneficial when it comes to making your application.

  • 如果你通过UCAS申请, be sure to check the Key Dates to ensure you do not miss an important deadline in the application process.
  • Be sure to complete your application form in full ensuring all information is accurate and up-to-date, listing all relevant qualifications both past and present ensuring your predicted grades are listed.
  • 在你的个人陈述中投入清晰的想法和努力, 有些课程会出现在个人陈述中,这意味着如果你的个人陈述不符合沙巴体育官方网站入口的要求,你的申请将不会成功. Please see the Personal Statement guidance above which offers further advice in writing your statement.
  • 确保你的申请包括你最近的老师或雇主的推荐信,使用正式的工作电子邮件地址提交, 如果是通过学校或大学申请,确保你的老师在你的申请中清楚地说明你的预期成绩.
  • Make sure you have done research about the course you are applying for, 检查已发布的入学要求, the location, 你申请的是正确的课程.
  • 如果通过大学入学申请办事处申请,请记下你的大学入学申请办事处个人身份证号码,以便在有任何疑问时沙巴体育官方网站入口时引用这个号码. 或者,如果你是直接申请,请记下你的沙巴投注官网学生号.

Find out more about 资金、成本、费用和支持 

Advice and Guidance

如果你在填写申请表和写个人陈述方面需要任何额外的建议和指导,请联系 Gateway on (01902) 321032 or email gateway@onereachsystem.com.

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