Student Travel Fund for New Starters

We're proud to confirm our £300 travel fund helping eligible new UK full-time undergraduate entrants* with the costs of travel continues for students starting in 2021/22!

We recognise travel is an essential expenditure, so to help you get the most out of your studies, the fund covers travel by bus, train and the Metro Tram within the West Midlands Network region (buses & Metro) and city zonal rail network for West Midlands cities and region (trains)

You do not need to apply separately for this travel fund. Once the fund is open, eligible students will be notified and asked to complete a task on e:Vision before 30th April 2022, to choose from:

  • £300 travel fund- to use on buses, trains and trams within the West Midlands Network only.  If you choose this option you will receive a link to create an account with National Express West Midlands and an activation code for £300.  Please be aware that the fund is only available for this year and is a contribution towards your travel costs – it is unlikely to cover all your travel for the year (depending on your travel requirements).  Your account and code must be activated with National Express by 31st May 2022.
  • Accommodation cost reduction - £300 off University-managed accommodation (this does not include private halls such as Host, iQ, 184 or Chambers 51), if you select this option, £300 will be deducted from your second instalment payment,
  • £300 Printer Credit - for use on a University campus - please note – these funds will remain in your printing account for the life of the current course only.  Any remaining funds are non-refundable,
  • £300 credit to spend in our new Online Store. Your funds can be used to purchase a wide range of digital and technology products, stationery, 书, mobile data and other resources to support your studies and to help you make the most of University life. If you select this option, you will be contacted with your login details for your personal account for the Travel Fund+ Webstore and issued your funds. By opting into this, you are consenting to us sending your name and University email address to JS Group for the purposes of setting up & managing your Travel Fund+ account.  All funds must be spent by 31st May 2022, any remaining credit is non-refundable. 
  • Donation to the Dennis Turner Hardship Fund  (the University's hardship fund)

If you choose the travel fund option, once you've fully enrolled, you'll be sent a confirmation email which includes a unique validation link.  The code within the link (starting with AWV) can only be used once, so you must not copy it or forward it on.  The account must be registered using your University of Wolverhampton email address (ending  Once registered you simply choose the ticket option best suited to you.

Please note: Once you have added your code you should then be able to see your funds balance of £300 in the top right-hand corner.

For help activating your account and more information on the various ticket opions please see our Ticket Options webpage.

Frequently asked questions

If you can't find an answer here then email with your student number

Spend a moment to work out which option provides the best value for you. 

If you are living in one of the University managed halls of residence then that would be a good choice. The £300 will be taken off your 2nd instalment either January (September starter) or April (January starter).

If you are commuting to university then the £300 towards travel costs may be the best option but you need to make sure that you can use it.  You can only use it within the West Midlands Travel Network and don't forget that if you choose the travel costs option but it turns out where you live is not within that area you will not then be able to change it.

Alternatively, if neither of the above options will work for you, you can choose to either have £300 of printer credit which will stay in your account until its spent or until you complete your studies, or you can donate it to the University's hardship fund, the Dennis Turner Hardship Fund.

We are sorry that the travel fund can currently only be used for services operating across the Travel West Midlands Network

This does not include Telford so if you live there please do take that into account before you choose the £300 towards travel costs.  

You can still receive the Travel fund and we would suggest that you can use this for part-journeys or other journeys across the West Midlands Network. 

Alternatively you can choose to donate it to our hardship fund, the Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund,  if you know you will not benefit from the other options.

The scheme is designed to encourage use of public transport as part of our commitment to being a greener, sustainable institution.  We understand that this will not suit everyone but you can use your travel fund for any and all journeys – so if you can’t use it to commute to the University you can use it at the weekends – for example to go shopping in Wolverhampton or Birmingham.

Unfortunately, once you have both chosen and confirmed your choice it cannot be changed so please do make sure you choose the correct option for you first.

Unfortunately, the fund is only for full-time new entrants on an undergraduate programme where the course is studied at a University of Wolverhampton Campus enrolling at the University for the first time. This includes Foundation degrees and HNC/D where studied full time, and based at a University Campus.

If you are part-time, continuing on a course, postgraduate or studying a course that is taught somewhere else (not a University of Wolverhampton campus) or you have studied at higher education level previously, you may be eligible to apply to the Dennis Turner Hardship Fund for support – see for details.  Applications are made through e:Vision and any award which may or may not be made will depend on individual circumstances.

If you are classed as an EU student where your fees are concerned then there is no additional financial support available to you.  However, if you think this is incorrect, please email our Admissions department on  clearly putting your student number in the subject requesting a fee assessment.

There is no cash alternative. However, students living in University of Wolverhampton-operated Halls of Residence can choose to have the  award deducted from their accommodation fees or you could choose to receive printer credit (for use on University campuses and valid for the duration of your course). 

The fund is a one-off award to eligible students.  You only receive it once and only in your first year. 

If you choose the £300 towards travel costs, once you have spent that, you can still use your registered account to purchase the available tickets. We hope that you will continue to use public transport for your commute to and from campus.

Yes.  If you are a 2018/19 or 2019/20 recipient of the fund you can still use the portal to buy any special tickets.  Simply go to and log in using your university email address and the password you created when you registered.

*Terms, conditions and restrictions:

The £300 (three hundred pounds) travel fund will be offered to all full-time new entrants on an undergraduate programme where the course is studied at a University of Wolverhampton Campus. This includes Foundation degrees and HNC/D where studied full time, and based at a University Campus. To qualify for the Travel Fund, which is provided in the first year of study only (students will not be eligible for any further Travel Fund bursaries in subsequent years of study), students must be fully enrolled.  Eligible students will receive the fund details at the point of enrolment, through e:Vision.


Students who have previously enrolled at the University of Wolverhampton will not be eligible.

International and EU Students (fee status) will not be eligible to receive the travel award. Apprentices, students at partner colleges or other locations that are not a University Campus are not eligible for the travel award.


Students who are eligible for the travel award can choose, as an alternative, either to have £300 deducted from their University of Wolverhampton-operated Halls of Residence accommodation fees; £300 of printer credit for use on a University campus only, is non-refundable and will last for the life of the current course; or, if you are eligible but do not wish to receive the travel fund then you can donate this (starter value only) to the University Hardship Fund for the benefit of other students.  

The travel fund product only operates within the West Midlands Regional Travel Network – and is currently valid for travel on buses, trains and trams. 

All students (UK/Home) can apply to the Dennis Turner Hardship Fund for support if experiencing genuine financial hardship: